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Certified Accounting Technician (CAT-UK)
The CAT qualification is the first step into a career in accountancy. It is design to equip the students with all the necessary technical skills and basic knowledge required to fulfill a support role in accountancy.
The Accounting Technician certificate allows students to continue further for ACCA qualification. At the time of registration with CAT, students can opt for automatic transfer to ACCA on completion of all 9 papers of CAT. The Knowledge module of the Fundamental level of ACCA will be exempted to CAT qualifiers.

The CAT syllabi is designed in such a way that on completion of all CAT exams students are expected to know basic knowledge of not only Accounting but also Information Technology and Management. The exams are divided into 3 levels Introductory, Intermediate and Advance.
Introductory Level
Paper 1 Recording Financial Transactions
Paper 2 Information for Management Control
Intermediate Level
Paper 3 Managing Financial Records 

Paper 4 Accounting for Costs
Advanced Level
Compulsory papers
Paper 5 Managing People and Systems Paper
6 Drafting Financial Statements Paper

7 Planning, Control and Performance Management
Optional papers (any 2 out of 3)
Paper 8 Implementing Audit Procedure Paper
9 Preparing Taxation Computations Paper  
10 Managing Finances(the last paper of CAT) Yeaa! (;

my wish is: i hope , i can pass all my CAT paper within 2 years! .
its too harder,but i will push all mystrange to excellent this course.amin.

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