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here he is.syafik muhammad

Syafiq Muhamad Full said...
same goes to me my fren :)if we aren't fren in a facebook,it doesn't means we aren't fren in a real life..sometimes,a missunderstanding can make me hurt..but we can handle it with always thinking positive..be matured person,n im sure that u can survive ur life n can pretend yourself..im always thinking positive to u bsyra bcoz i know who u are..be strong bsyra,confronted ur problem with ur strong before..i know that u have many of problem nowadays..n i know u can solve this problem too.to be frank,im feel so sorry with all of u espeacialy amy about that day..its only my immatured behavior..so,im really sorry k :)keep ur rlationship n i always pray that ur rlationship ALWAYS will be ok..thank u for being my fren bsyra !! yeahh,JOM KOREK IDONG SAMA-SAMA!hihihi
bsyra : syafik,terimakasih coz nvr forget me.thx alwys give your support.wht eva happen,your my friend
since classmate at technic school. thx coz you know who i am. (; .im proud wiff you.! and im feel so soryy too. take care yaa fren.hope you always succes in wht you do.

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Syafiq Muhamad Full said...

thank u bsyra !! btw,i never thought that u could did any entry for me ohh..never ever thought !! hahaha...ure so funny maa..thank u so much my frenn..ouhhh demm...u stole my pic ohh..hahhahaha
btw,like i said before,i always stand beside of u..so if u have any problems,u can tell me k ?? i ALWAYS beside of u..=)

bsyraa the slovenz said...

yeahh! thx kwn.
friend is always like sun.always make the grass grow up everyday!
and friend always beside their friends too!

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