dia dia dan diaa

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always you you and you.im sorry bie.


everybody needs love
 i needs you to be half part in my life
and i needs you everytime i look for some happiness
 i always look at you amy!
when i look at you,i see the truth.
i know i'm not alone anymore.
amy,i'm feel so sorry .
i taktahu untuk kali keberape i dah buat you nanges.
dah buat you feel sad
and seperti kata kwn kwn you.i suka myusahkan you.
yaa mmg,i selalu merajuk kan,
bila merajuk,i asek nk minx breakup je kan?
and sprt i ckp kt you.
perasaan nk merajuk ni dtg sendiri.(hormon xstabil.haha)
i benci dgn diri i yg skrg .sebb terlalu myusahkan you.
too much rite? ;(

amyy,saya hanya mnx sedikit kebebasan.
i give you freedom with you and friends.and i want too! 
syg,please know me better than you know me now.
amyy sayang.jgn lah nangis lagi.simpan lah airmata tu. =')
because when i see you cry,it makes me want to die.
im sorry im bad.
im sorry about all things i said to you.
babyy,please give your forgiveness.
ilove the way you kiss me.
ilove the way you hold my hand
and ilove you all the time when you called "basyiraa..."
i always love you,because you try harder to called me  " babyy..."


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